Service provides opportunities to practice the principles of the 12 steps, stay sober, and give what was so freely given to you to the next alcoholic.

NCIG Central Office


Volunteer your time at Central Office. You will answer phones, give out information, but not phone #s, speak with alcoholics and/or families/ friends/ businesses, set up 12th step calls, etc. Be able to do some essential office work when we open again full time (filing, folding, stapling, copying, handling money, selling books, literature, gifts, etc. These are regular shifts, done once a week in 2-hour shifts. During the day the shifts are either on the phone, in the office, or both.

We need folks for the following shifts at Central Office:

  • Thursdays 1-3 pm, starting NOW (office)

  • Fridays 9-11 am, starting June 4, 2021 (phone and office)

  • Mondays 3-5 pm, starting July 20, 2021 (office)

Other Volunteer Needs:

  • Be on the Day and/or Night Watch Substitute List

  • Be on the 12th Step Call List to make a 12th step phone call

Training will be provided. We are always looking for sober individuals to be on our watch volunteer substitutes and 12th Step call list. Substitutes fill in for a shift if needed and if you are available. 12th Step callers do service by speaking further with a newcomer or returnee in their area/location. Apply below.

If you or anyone you know (like a sponsee ; ) would like to be a substitute for any day shift, please let us know. Or, fill out our brief application.



We are sometimes in need of Night Watch substitute volunteers to answer the phones for those who need help. All you need is a phone and NCIG A.A. calls will be forwarded to your phone for the shift. If you or anyone you know (like a sponsee) would like to be a substitute for any night or weekend shift, please let us know. Or, fill out our brief application.

For more info contact the Central Office at officemanager @

We are also looking for Spanish-speaking alcoholics who are willing to assist newcomers who call us.


Service Positions at Meetings


In this role, you will:

- Announce the latest issue at your meeting

- Talk about the magazine's content - the stories make great topics for discussion

- Encourage your group to participate by sending in stories, artwork or jokes

- Spread the word about Grapevine's new services and products


- Offer to be of service - let your homegroup know that you are interested in being a Grapevine Rep

- Group votes on your nomination and for the subscription payment

- Sign up on the Grapevine site

- You will receive a complete information kit from the Grapevine office



Monthly Service Meetings


Intergroup Meeting:

  • 6 PM on the 3rd Monday of each month (the Steering Committee meets at 5:15 (before Intergroup) @ Northern Colorado Intergroup's Central Office, or on Zoom. CHECK THE HOME PAGE FOR THE LATEST INFO ON THE NEXT MEETING.

  • If your homegroup is not represented...

    • Does your group need an Intergroup Representative?

    • We service groups in Northern Colorado (from the Wyoming border to Boulder and the Kansas/Nebraska border to Walden). This adds up to 73 groups. Of those 73 groups only 10 to 20 group reps attend our Intergroup meetings on a regular basis. That is the participation of approximately 20-30% of all Northern Colorado meeting groups. We are here to help you carry the message to the next alcoholic.

    • Check out what an Intergroup Rep is and does for your group meeting(s).

The Central Service Office is located at:

155 N. College Ave. #120

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Opening Wednesdays 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on 2/17/2021

and Thursdays 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. on 3/18/2021

(970) 224-3552

officemanager @


5:30 PM (1st Sunday of each month)

Call  OR email Central Office for District Zoom meeting information

 in Fort Collins (currently on Zoom)

Everyone is welcome. Chris & Karen are the DCMs.



Looking for Service volunteers!!!

Join the District 21 Treatment Committee and share your experience, strength, and hope with men and women in our local rehabilitation centers. Please help us carry the message of hope to these individuals who are about to re-enter the real world. Remember, you can only keep what you have by giving it away.

The purpose of the Treatment and Accessibility Committee is to carry the message of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous to the still suffering alcoholic client and staff member in treatment & accessibility facilities; To maintain contact and work together with BTG (Bridge the Gap), CPC (Cooperating with Professionals in the Community and PI (Public Information Committee). Also, to become familiar and aware of the different ways we can help members better access AA if they are differently-abled, “homers” (members who are homebound), members in the hospital, visually impaired, have auditory challenges, or others who have difficulties participating in Alcoholics Anonymous.

This committee chair position is a 2-year commitment. The requirements for this chair position are:

1. Being sober member of alcoholics anonymous for 2 years and the drive and desire to get the message of AA into treatment and accessibility facilities.

2. Ability to attend Area 10 Treatment and accessibility Committee meetings-This meeting is monthly.

3. Being comfortable with knowing that she/he will not be anonymously doing this job. Also being comfortable speaking at outside events and stating they are affiliated with AA.

I learned early in my sobriety that if I wanted to stay sober I would have to make service part of my sobriety. My first interactions with service were with my home group, making coffee, bringing cake, and help setting up. After about a year of sobriety, I joined the Treatment Committee, which is now the Treatment and Accessibility Committee. I really enjoyed taking meetings into treatment centers and carrying the message that AA works and you never have to drink again if you don’t want to. I learned everything I know from this committee. I have no background in treatment, interacting with professionals, or public speaking, but I know this 12 step work is vital and that’s why I do it. I took this committee chair position when I had 3 years of sobriety, and I share that with you today because you don’t have to have long term sobriety to take a committee chair position or do service work.

As a committee chair, I encourage AA members to assume responsibility for carrying the message to alcoholics in treatment and accessibility facilities, review all aspects of service to AA groups in treatment and accessibility facilities and make recommendations for changes and improvements. I clarify what AA can do and cannot do, within the traditions, to help alcoholics in treatment and accessibility facilities.

Some of the things I GET TO DO being a committee chair:

*Organizing a monthly Committee meeting. It's on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Harmony Presbyterian church at 400 E. Boardwalk. Right now we are meeting on Zoom.

*Attending the Monthly District meeting, on the 1st Sunday of the month at 5:30 PM at 301 E Drake and provide a report. Right now we are meeting on Zoom.

*Attending the monthly area 10 meeting, usually by calling in because it is in the Denver area, on the 1st Saturday of the month. Right now we are meeting on Zoom.

*Communicating with the Treatment Reps and sending reminders for rotations.

If you have any questions or interest in rotating into this service position, please let Nancy K. know at, the current chair. This committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 6:45 - 7:45p on Zoom.


Each home group must provide a leader for the women's and the men's meeting

on their home groups night. The meeting is on Thursday evenings starting at 7:30 PM.

Your group is responsible to bring a meeting to Harmony on the night listed.

This means at least one guy and one girl unless otherwise arranged.

Please keep our anonymity in mind when you carry the message there.

Contact The District 21 Treatment Committee for information.

Our District 21 Chairperson is Nancy K. Contact her with any questions:

DISTRICT 21 Archives Committee:

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, (4th Wednesday of each month)

301 E. Drake (room 19) in Fort Collins

District 21 CPC/PI (Cooperation with Professional Communities / Public Information) Committee:

5:30 p.m. 3rd Wednesday of each month

Odd Months: 2028 Blue Mesa Ct. in Loveland

Even Months: 400 Boardwalk Dr. in Fort Collins

Click HERE for the flyer. 



7:00 PM

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month at 35 Carlson Blvd, Johnstown, CO

in Greeley. Alfredo is the DCM.

Call  OR email Central Office for District Zoom meeting information.

Bridging the Gap Committee/Program:

Be a temporary contact between the treatment facilities and outside of AA. This is a commitment to help the newcomers integrate into A.A. when they get home from treatment. You would meet them at their first meeting (hopefully the day or day after they get out). Introduce them to people in the program, help them get numbers, a meeting schedule, literature, etc. Stay in touch, maybe meet them at a second or third meeting. This is such a great way to do service work and help a newcomer by guiding him or her through the first week or so!

To be a BTG representative you:



Contact Steve M. @ 970-356-3375 or (District 23-Weld County)

Contact Erica B. with questions: 970-412-4666 or e-mail or (District 21-Larimer County)


Those in jail need meetings... You can help bring a meeting to them.

Contact the Corrections Committee of either District 21 or 23.


Area 10 (Colorado):

2525 Eldridge St.

Golden CO 80401


AA’s Unity Declaration:

This we owe to A.A.’s future: To place our common welfare first; To keep our Fellowship united.  For on A.A. unity depend our lives and the lives of those to come.


"The basket"... Something to consider.

The General Service Office in New York, which supports and services US and Canada meeting groups, districts, and areas has incurred a 50% (at least) cut in their income due to the 2020 pandemic. And your Central Office here in Northern Colorado has too.

Some facts:

* Less than 44% of groups contribute to the General Service Office.

* Costs of Services provided by G.S.O. are $6.32 per member per year

* A.A. literature sales account for 56% of G.S.O.'s income.


The Seventh Tradition states: "Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

While contributions cover each group's rent and other expenses, the Seventh Tradition is essential at every level of A.A. service. It is both a privilege and a responsibility for groups and members to ensure that not only their group but also their Intergroup/Central Office, local services, district, area, and the General Service Office remain self-supporting. This keeps A.A. free of outside influences that might divert us from our primary purpose - to help the alcoholic who still suffers. The amount of our contribution is secondary to the spiritual connection that unites all groups around the world.

(Service Material from the General Service Office)


"When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help..." 

Northern Colorado A.A. Intergroup