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Your GSO needs help now

On June 19, 2020, Group Services at the A.A. General Service Office sent out an email plea for assistance. The subject of the email was, "Alcoholics Anonymous, COVID-19 and Our Seventh Tradition."

They made a little video outlining what's happening: https://vimeo.com/430834698. As they relay in the email and on the video, "The reality is that even though meetings, Twelfth Step services and operations have shifted to a virtual environment, expenses continue to accumulate during this crisis, which underscores the importance of practicing the Seventh Tradition. Through this crisis, however, we have witnessed the many ways in which the entire A.A. Fellowship has come together to provide ongoing support. Among them:

  • Many home groups are still paying rent even though their meetings cannot convene. They are also providing online meetings on platforms that may have associated costs.

  • Intergroup/Central Offices are still stocking needed literature and fielding Twelfth Step calls, redirecting A.A. members and those looking for recovery to online meetings.

  • Area-level committees are working to keep channels open between the Fellowship and the delegates and board members that make up our General Service Conference, as well as to do public information, corrections and other service.

  • G.S.O. in New York is continuing to support all levels of service. Literature still needs to be published and distributed, calls need to be answered, online platforms still need to be updated, and support operations sustained.

Please announce at your meetings, and consider the "birthday plan."

Your contributions help GSO support your recovery.

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