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Virtual YPAA Meeting

The 5th Dimension Young People's Group of AA

We meet everyday at 9:30pm Eastern time and the format varies.

- Open Meeting on Zoom. No password.

- Newcomer meeting

- Young People in AA. Always online, since 2013!

- ASL interpretation on Wednesdays

- Literature Meetings: Big Book / 12 Steps & 12 Traditions / Pamphlets


The 5th Dimension Young People's Group (aka 5D) meets every day on Zoom at 9:30pm ET (UTC -4). We have an ASL interpreter on Wednesdays. Email 5D.meetinginfo@gmail.com and we will reply with how to join via Zoom or call in. You can also text 5d to 313131 from any US phone number to receive the same information. Fun facts about 5D: (1) Videos of our ASL interpreted meetings are available on YouTube: https://bit.ly/5d-ASL (2) We started in 2013 and have always been an online group. (3) People from all over the world attend, but mostly the US. (4) We have nightly fellowship, breakout rooms, a private FB group and Discord server.

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