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NCII Letter and Curbside Pickup Announcement

Dear Intergroup Representatives and Fellows,

Our current financial status at Northern Colorado Intergroup shows that we are in crucial need of income and 7th tradition donations. 

Although we are actively working at decreasing our office expenses, our sales of inventory and donations have decreased by 80% and are not supplying us with the cash flow we need to cover our needed expenses, such as current phone, rent, and the new office manager’s salary, etc. 

We have stopped orders and some services, but right now we still have to maintain needed expenses. We also have no prudent reserve. Not only are we self-supporting through our own contributions, but we would also like to keep the office open for you. 

We have a few ideas to alleviate this present circumstance and be able to print new meeting lists when the COVID all-clear is determined and we reopen the office. 

The following ideas could be announced at meetings, included in zoom meeting formats, and emailed to other fellows and groups. 

  1. If each group could manage a monthly donation anywhere from $5 to $40 at the very least that would help out tremendously and would be greatly appreciated. We understand, of course, that it is a difficult time for everyone. So, anything you can do would be extremely helpful.

  2. Another avenue (requested by some of you) is to begin a curbside pickup service for anyone who needs to buy books, coins, etc. This service will begin on Monday, May 18, 2020, and more information about this service is below. 

  3. Plans are in the works to have a book and merchandise sale of non-AA approved items. This would help bring in much-needed income and also move items that have been at the office for a while now. No date is set for re-opening the office, but this sale would also be a curbside pickup event like #2 idea above.

Please share any feedback with officemanager@northcoloradoaa.org


Since the office is closed because of the safer-at-home ordinance, calls and questions are coming in about getting literature, etc. We can start taking orders on Monday, May 18, 2020, and here’s how:


Curbside pickup would be available Monday - Wednesday 9 AM - 1 PM

Pre-ordering is required to ensure a safe and smooth transaction. It just so happens that the City of Fort Collins has set aside 3 parking spots in front of our building for curbside pickups! For curbside pickup, the Central Office address is 155 N College Ave. 

There will be an order form and a price list info on the front page of our website starting this Monday: www.northcoloradoaa.org


  1. Visit our simple curbside order form on our website: www.northcolorado.org.  We prefer that you order literature, pamphlets, and coins by using this form. For those of you who do not have internet or website access, please call us to order at 970-224-3552.  Give us a call between 9 AM - 5 PM during the week (Monday - Friday) to order. If using the phone to order, please provide your first name along with the item name(s) and the quantity of each item you would like from our inventory price list attached to this PDF. 

  2. Reference our inventory price list while filling out the form on our website (www.northcoloradoaa.org), or before you call.

  3. Please indicate a preferred curbside pickup time/date Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. A specific time or a 30-minute window would work. 

  4. Once you submit your order, the office manager will confirm it with an email reply within 24 hours and provide your total cost (no tax).

  5. To provide payment, you will need to bring cash or a check made out to Northern Colorado Intergroup, Inc (NCII) when picking up, or pre-pay on Venmo or PayPal before your pickup time. See all payment options below. 

  6. When you arrive at 155 N. College Ave to pick up your order give us a call us at 970-224-3552 stating your name and we will bring your order out to you. 


At pickup:

  • Cash

  • Check - Made out to Northern Colorado Intergroup, Inc (NCII)

Before pickup:

No credit cards can be used at this time. However, Paypal and Venmo use credit cards and are very convenient and highly secure.

Final thoughts: The Intergroup Office Manager and Steering Committee do not have a specific reopening date yet. We want to keep everyone safe and provide more stability in day-to-day operations. Current volunteers will continue to work remotely unless they want to help out in the office. As usual, thank you kindly for your service!

In Service,

NCII Steering Committee

Beth S., NCII Office Manager

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