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The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the latest WINTER meeting schedule. Printable!

Northern Notes 

The 2020 newsletter for Northern Colorado Intergroup is available for download by clicking HERE.


Volunteer your time at Central Office. 6 months of sobriety required. You will answerphones, give out information, but not phone numbers, speak with alcoholics and/or families/friends/ businesses, etc. Be able to do some office work (filing, folding, stapling, copying, handling money, selling books, literature, gifts, making the change, running the credit card machine, etc. These are regular shifts, done once a week.

E-mail Eileen at officemanager@northcoloradoaa.org


If you know anyone or have a sponsee or you can cover these times slots,

that would be great.


Click HERE for a PDF of the Day Watch application. 



Central Office Lending Library! 

We have books of all types, cassettes, and CDs of speakers. Stop

by Central Office and borrow something.


Informational Pamphlets are

available via aa.org


Central Office has everything you need. A huge variety of gifts with a lending library including speaker tapes, CDs, and books. Stop by and have a look around! Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Open M-F 9-5

155 N. College Ave. #120 

Fort Collins, CO 80524 



Download a Variety of Sobriety Apps! 

Meeting Codes: 

ABS = As Bill Sees It

B = Beginners

BA = Babysitting available

BB = Big Book Study

BD = Birthday Celebration

C = Closed - Must have a desire to stop drinking

CM = Candlelight meeting

D = Discussion

GLBT = Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Trans-gendered

GPV = Grapevine Meeting

H = Handicap access

M = Men Only

O = Open - Anyone may attend

SP = Speaker meeting

SS = Step study

W = Women only

YP = Young people

SPN = Espanol

Ault, Akron, Berthoud, Brush, Fort Collins, Fort Morgon, Greeley, Holyoke, Johnson's Corner, Johnstown, Julesburg, LaPorte, Loveland, Red Feather Lakes, Sterling, Walden, Wellington, Windsor, Wray, and Yuma Plains: 970-224-3552